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BBB - DiscStop Organic (Shimano Deore Mech)
BBB - DiscStop Sintered (Shimano Deore Mech)

BBB - DiscStop BBS-52 Shimano Deore

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Compatible with:
Shimano: Deore M575, M525, M515, M506, M495, M486, M485, M475, M465, M447, M446, M445, M415, M416, M416A, MM355, M375, M395, MT675, MT615, MC501, MC601, MTX805, M4050, M3050, R517, R317,
Tektro: HD-M520, M521, M510, M500, M501, HD-M352, M350, M351, M330, M300, M301, HD-M290, M291, HD-T520, T290, MD-M500, M300, M280, MD-C40, Gemini, Orion, Dorado and HDC.
TRP: Hylex, HYRD, and Spyre,
Giant: MPH Root and Bengal Helix 7B, ares pro, 5.


BBS-52 - Organic High Performance Compound

BBS-52S - Sintered High Performance Compound