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SW-PT-WH-MILK-35 (1)
SW-PT-WH-MILK-35 tyre sealant
SW-PT-WH-MILK-35 valve

DT Swiss - Tubeless Kit by MilkIT

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A milKit consists of two valves, a valve core tool and a measuring and refilling syringe. All parts can be clipped into the plunger of the syringe, providing a compact and clean way to store milKit.

The use of milKit is quick and easy

  1. 1. Screw out the milKit valve core no air is lost, thanks to closed rubber flaps
  2. 2. Insert the milKit applicator through the valve to measure the sealant in the tire
  3. 3. Identify how much extra sealant is needed
  4. 4. Inject sealant with the milKit applicator
  5. 5. Put back the valve core and go ride!

Have a look at our videos to see how milKit works.