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Enduro Premium Bottom Bracket PF30 to 24mm (Shimano) Crank

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PF30 to Shimano Hollowtech II
Designed for PF30 bottom bracket shells when using a Shimano Hollowtech II crankset.

XD-15 Corsa - XD15 is a material exclusive to Enduro bearings and is different than any material available to the market. The XD-15 steel is nitrogen infused and will not rust or corrode. The process to produce this steel involves re-melting a very high grade of martensitic stainless steel from the end of an electrode. This occurs in a highly-controlled re-melt chamber while introducing nitrogen gas, producing a homogenous steel, free from course carbides and giving ultimate fatigue resis- tance. Both 24MM ID and 30MM ID XD-15 Corsa bearings use a 45o angular contact design to handle both radial and axial loads. The 45o design allow us to use the largest size Grade 3 Silicon Nitride ceramic balls inside the XD-15 bearing races. When combined, the ceramic balls and XD-15 material will breakdown any contaminants that may get past the seal only to polish the ball raceway and improve performance over time. XD-15 is the pinnacle in bicycle bearing technology.BB30 to 24mm (Shimano) Crank

XD15 Pro - Our XD-15 Pro bearing utilizes the same XD-15 steel as our Xd-15 Corsa bearing, only different in design. XD-15 Pro bearings are 15o angular contact sealed cartridge bearings. The bearing raceways are deep-groove to improve longevity and increase ball size. XD-15 Pro bearings use Grade 3 Silicon Nitride ceramic balls and are sealed on both sides using LLB Nitrile seals. These bearings are available in 24MM AND 30MM ID for most of our bottom bracket solutuons.

Stainless Steel 440C - Our 440C stainless steel bearings offer high corrosion resistance for adverse riding conditions. This high-grade stainless steel is perfect for rolling elements due to its high-carbon content and is harder than other stainless steel variants. We use 440C stainless for the bearing races and the balls. Both 24MM ID and 30MM ID bearings use a 15o angular contact design to handle both radial and axial loads. At Enduro bearings, we design our bearings to use the largest possible ball size to increase load capacity and the overall lifespan of the bearing. Finally, the bearings are sealed on both sides using our LLB seals.

*See the below Enduro Bottom Bracket Matrix PDF to confirm compatibility