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Evil Insurgent- GX Kit 2022
Evil Insurgent- GX Kit 2022

Evil Insurgent- GX Kit 2022

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The Insurgent is available in two configurations with well-curated build kits. The Insurgent MX 29 is designed for enduro and steep, aggressive trail riding. Offering the benefits of both wheel sizes, the 29” front wheel provides the ultimate in upfront handling and monster truck capabilities while maintaining the corner slap-ability of the 27.5” rear wheel. Enduro racer or aggressive trail rider with a taste for the steeps? This is for you.


Park laps and freeride lines more your thing? The Insurgent 27.5 is the ultimate small wheel shred machine for crushing your favorite jump line and all-day park laps. The 27.5” wheels keep the precision level high when you’re deep into a set of berms and you require max levels of maneuverability.