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Kids Ride Shotgun - Dirt Hero Off-Road Balance Bike

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Our Dirt Hero balance bike is designed for MTB kids who want to hit the trails. With 12 - 14” wheel convertibility, 2.25” Vee Tire Crown Gem off-road tyres, mtb geometry and an optional Magura rear hydraulic disc brake – the Dirt Hero inspires confidence and progression in mini mountain bikers who want to get off the driveway and onto the dirt. Each bike comes with 3 Shred Til Bed MTB top tube skins, for your little one to make the bike their own.

  • Convertible 12” & 14” wheel size (two bikes in one)
  • Vee Tire Crown Gem 2.25” pneumatic off-road tyres
  • Trail-ready MTB geometry and build quality
  • 3x Shred Til Bed top tube skins included
  • Optional Magura disc brake


The Dirt Hero takes 12” and 14” wheels sizes, or can be set up as a mullet. From our research we often saw kids making the leap straight from a 12” balance bike to a 16” pedal bike. Such a big step can not only hinder their progression but also impact their enjoyment of riding. Being able to move smoothly from a 12” to a 14” (and then adding brakes), all before having to take on a much heavier pedal bike keeps kids progressing one step at a time and the stoke levels high. For customers, not having to buy a seperate 14” bike is a huge value proposition, they can simply upgrade their wheel kit and keep the good times rolling.
Not introducing another new bike also removes a potential risk to progression.