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SRAM GX Eagle Transmission Rear Derailleur

SRAM GX Eagle AXS Transmission Rear Derailleur

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GX Eagle AXS Transmission Rear Derailleur

The GX Eagle Transmission derailleur delivers everything an Eagle Transmission derailleur possibly can, and then some. It features a revised battery position to better protect itself from impacts and to maintain crisp shifting and striking appearance throughout its entire lifespan. Hard-chargers can replace both its protective skid plates and two-piece outer link. It also features a tool-free cage assembly – so it’s both removable and upgradable too. With a steel inner cage that adds even more robustness, it’s been built for riders of the real world. Just like all Eagle Transmission derailleurs, it’s been engineered with a first-of-its-kind Hangerless Interface, mounting around the wheel axle itself and making direct contact with the cassette with 
no hanger required. 


  • T-Type compatibility 
  • Revised battery position, reconfigured gearbox, replaceable skid plates and outer link, tool-free cage and clutch 
  • Install and pair via the reliable and familiar standard AXS set-up and pairing procedure 
  • Hangerless Interface, Full Mount attachment method 
  • Radically clear setup process, no adjustment required 

Note: AXS battery and Pod controller available separately