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Abbey Seal Press 38mm
Abbey Seal Press 32mm
Abbey Seal Press 34mm
Abbey Seal Press 35mm
Abbey Seal Press 36mm
Abbey Seal Press 40mm
Seal Press

Abbey Fork Seal Press Drivers

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This tool make dust wiper installation an easy sure fired task. Drivers are made in diameters specific to stanchion sizes for most modern forks including 32, 34, 35, 36, 38, and 40mm. 

The Fork Seal Press is built with modern tight fitting fork seals in mind. Using a common handle with a stainless steel striking surface to give excellent durability when setting seals with a mallet.

The handle provides ample clearance for your hand around the fork crown while allowing a good grip to seat the seal. The Delrin drivers are built to use the upper fork bushing as a guide. Making sure the seal goes in square the first time, every time. 

Note, these drivers are designed to be used with our handle, hitting them directly with a hammer can cause failure and will not be covered under warranty.