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What Happens When Your Mountain Bike E-Bike Drive Unit Wears Out Outside of Warranty and Why You Should Replace It

  As more and more cyclists embrace the benefits of e-bikes for their daily commutes and off-road adventures, understanding the importance of a well-maintained drive unit becomes crucial. Mountain bike e-bike owners should be aware of the signs that their drive unit is wearing out and the consequences of not replacing it. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the warning signs of a worn-out drive unit, the potential dangers it presents, and why replacing it is essential for your safety and riding experience. 1. Signs of a Worn-Out Mountain Bike E-Bike Drive Unit The drive unit is the heart of your mountain bike e-bike. It's responsible for converting your pedaling effort into electrical power, allowing you to conquer steep hills...

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Night Mountain Bike Riding with Night Lights: Fun, Challenge, and Exhilaration

Discover the thrill of night mountain bike riding with high-quality lights that won't fail you. Learn about the ideal setup of head-mounted and handle-bar mounted lights and how night riding can make familiar trails exciting again. Experience the cool and mild winter nights of Nelson, New Zealand, with this guide.

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Bikes on the Floor Regularly Updated - Check them out!

With recent mountain bike supply chain issues and shortages we are excited to announce that we currently have some very exciting bikes on the shop floor and bike frames hanging from the roof.  Bike brands currently represented include Santa Cruz, Julianna, Transition, Chromag and Mondraker.  As well as acoustic mountain bikes we even have several E-bikes on the floor.

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Guest Post: Insuring your Dream Bike - important and often overlooked tricks and traps.

Gravity will be inviting guest writers to contribute to our blog to cover interesting topics that customers have been asking us about in the shop.   In the first of this series of occasional articles we have invited passionate mountain bikers Mark Abbott and Scott Stephen from Abbott Insurance Brokers to run us through the important topic of how to Insure your Dream Bike, a topic we have noticed incites heated debates on Internet forums whenever it is mentioned.   Read on for their helpful breakdown of this important topic.

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