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Guest Post: Insuring your Dream Bike - important and often overlooked tricks and traps.

Gravity will be inviting guest writers to contribute to our blog to cover interesting topics that customers have been asking us about in the shop.   In the first of this series of occasional articles we have invited passionate mountain bikers Mark Abbott and Scott Stephen from Abbott Insurance Brokers to run us through the important topic of how to Insure your Dream Bike, a topic we have noticed incites heated debates on Internet forums whenever it is mentioned.   Read on for their helpful breakdown of this important topic.

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Gravity Nelson Our Staff Review the TROY LEE DESIGNS A3 AS Mips Helmet 2021

This is the first in an occasional series of reviews our staff will be writing. Our shop has always focused on only stocking products our staff use and love, so testing and reviewing products is key to us stocking the best possible products for you.  Check out Wilfred's first review and feel free to chat to him in the store or out on the trails about the amazing Troy Lee Designs A3 helmet (2021). 

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Ten reasons to get an e-mountain bike that don't include being old and unfit.

When electric mountain bikes first appeared on the market many dismissed them as being a gimmick only suitable for older, lazier or unfit riders.  The thinking at the time was that the average rider, the fit rider, and certainly riders under the age of 60 would never want to ride an e-mountain bike, because they were more expensive, heavier, and less agile to ride than normal mountain bikes.   This sentiment was echoed repeatedly by many customers who came into our shop, with the majority of them claiming they wouldn't get an electric mountain bike until "they were at least 60 years old". 

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Why doesn't my local bike shop have the exact bike or part I want? (and when will they have it!)

Have you been getting frustrated with your local and online bicycle stores being out of stock of that really cool Fox suspension fork you want, or that latest greatest dream bike with the dream build in the perfect color in your size? Cyclists all around the world are experiencing the same frustrations and no bike shop is immune to this problem.  Read on to learn a little more about what has caused this unprecedented situation, when it might end, and what bicycle shops are trying to do about it, and how you can best survive these shortages.

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Ebikes Hidden Dirty Secret: Shocking!

Most electric mountain bike owners know to bring their bikes in regularly for a service as they often find themselves doing higher mileage than they would do on an acoustic mountain bike.  However we have found that very few electric mountain bike owners understand a critical servicing trick to greatly increase the lifespan and performance of their ebike.  Recently one such ebike came in for maintenance experiencing battery charging problems which required us to remove the battery from the frame and drop the motor out which revealed a very hidden, very dirty, quite shocking secret!

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