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Abbey Wash Buddy

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After a few years of the wash buddy being a limited production Team Issue series product we've trickled it down to our own standard version. While the fancy quick release is gone the tool is as functional as it's always been. Made from the same durable and corrosion resistant materials that we've always used. 

The wash buddy clamps firmly into the rear drop out and has the ability to not only hold the chain but allow for full crank rotation and changing of cogs. This allows you plenty of room to clean and inspect your drive train while washing your bike or doing maintenance. 

We tested these for over 2 years on the pro circuit to ensure you will have a durable tool for years to come. The stainless spindle will hold up to all of the solvents, water and grit that these tools get soaked in every time you use them. The Delrin pulley has great solvent resistance as well. 

Our Delrin pulleys are available separately for use with thru axle bikes. Simply remove your wheel and slide the pulley over your factory thru axle for a nice secure solution. It's a great way to ship bikes as well.