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Continental Xynotal Tyre

Continental Xynotal 29 Tyre

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Grip to push your limits

Perfect for hardpack, rocky surfaces. With low rolling resistance and contact edges for improved traction and braking, you can enjoy a fast gravity ride with the confidence of continuous grip when you need it most.


  • Angled in-line shoulder studs for predictable and indulgent transitions. Benefit: high limit range can be reached predictably and safely.
  • Pronounced positive profile with a large number of contact areas. Benefit: harmonious riding behavior and high grip on hard and slightly loose surfaces.
  • Pronounced ramps in the direction of rotation ensure harmonious and easy rolling. Benefit: low rolling resistance and improved grip on hard surfaces.

The best compound for every riding style

SuperSoft: Our softest and grippiest compound in the MTB Gravity range. Especially for Downhill and Enduro use cases where the main focus is descending. Tires equipped with this compound are for riders with a 100% focus on grip, traction, control. Recommended for use cases with a large share of descent.

Soft: The balance of grip and rolling resistance for gravity focussed use cases. High level of grip with a reasonable rolling resistance. Option to optimize the rolling properties of your rear wheel on the DH bike or have the optimal combo for Enduro or Trail riding.

Endurance: Compound with balanced properties on grip and endurance. With the endurance compound a high durability in combination with good rolling resistance and grip is achieved. A Compound choice for trail riding or as a endurance-focused compound for e-Bikes


The right construction for every riding style

Downhill: Most durable and reinforced carcass construction in gravity line up
Enduro: Durable single ply carcass construction with Apex to prevent snakebites
Trail: Comparable performance to the Enduro casing tailored for trail use cases

Tubeless Ready

Our carcass construction is robust and impervious against damage and penetration from foreign objects. The result: versatile, low weight and an attractive design. In addition, tires made using this technology can also be used as Tubeless or with an inner tube.

Suitable for E-Bikes

ETRTO Dimension Technology Color/Sidewall/Bead TPI g
65 - 622 29 X 2.60 Trail Casing black/black skin foldable 3/180 1200 44
65 - 622 29 X 2.60 Enduro Casing black/black skin foldable 3/330 1275 44
65 - 622 29  X 2.40 Downhill Casing black/black skin foldable 3/180 1040 51
65 - 622 29  X 2.40 Enduro Casing black/black skin foldable 3/330 1125 51
65 - 622 29  X 2.40 Downhill Casing black/black skin foldable 6/660 1290 51
65 - 622 29  X 2.40 Downhill Casing black/black skin foldable 6/660 1290 51