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Cush Core valves Green 44mm
Cush Core valves Black 44mm
Cush Core valves Black 55mm
Cush Core valves Green 55mm
Cush Core 44mm valve set - Red
Cush Core 44mm valve set - Royal Blue
Cush Core 44mm valve set - Turquoise

CushCore Valves

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CushCore tubeless air valves are specially designed to work with a CushCore insert.  The air passageway is T-shaped, rather than a simple through-hole, which prevents the insert from obstructing air flow through the valve.

The valve body is CNC machined from 6061 T-6 anodized aluminum, with a tapered rubber collar permanently bonded at the sealing interface.  The valve core can be removed to add tire sealant.  A locknut with o-ring seal and valve cap and valve core tool are included.