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DT Swiss - H 1900 29" Wheels

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DT SWISS - H 1900


When motor assistance and leg power meet, the range of terrain a bike can conquer grows almost exponentially. The H 1900 SPLINE is designed for this, now upgraded with the famous DT Swiss Ratchet technology. The Ratchet LN system distributes the combined forces from the rider and the motor over a larger area than the previous pawl freehub systems, increasing the systems’ durability thanks to lower load peaks. The 370 hub enables full power transmission to the ground with reinforced hybrid spokes laced to a resistant aluminum rim.


HUB TYPE: 370 with Ratchet LN 18

RIM: Aluminum, Hooked / Crotchet tubeless TC


SPOKES: DT hybrid 1

WEIGHT: From 1026g Front / 1153g Rear