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HX 1700 Front
HX 1700 Hub
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HX 1700 Rim

DT Swiss - HX 1700 29" Wheels

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DT SWISS - HX 1700


An eMTB is designed to quickly ride up and down mountains and to provide fun. The new HX 1700 SPLINE, the high-end aluminum wheelset, does precisely that. With several years of expertise in hybrid bicycle components and specific, demanding testing procedures, DT Swiss has redesigned this wheelset to suit the extended use of e-mountain biking. The redesigned 350 hub features a bigger hub body, enabling better brake and drive torque resistance, resulting in better durability. The new hub is now combined with a high-end welded aluminum rim and reinforced hybrid spokes. This wheel is available in two wheel sizes and therefore ready for anyone who wants to extend their eMTB adventure.


HUB TYPE: 350 with Ratchet System 24

RIM: Aluminum, Hooked / Crotchet tubeless TC


SPOKES: DT hybrid 1

WEIGHT: From 1005g Front / 1139g Rear