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HXC 1501 Front
HXC 1501 Rear
HXC 1501 Hub
HXC 1501 Hub_1
HXC 1501 Rim

DT Swiss - HXC 1501 29" Wheelset

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This Hybrid wheelset was made for riders who are looking for the ultimate performance an eMTB wheelset can offer. Now with a carbon rim, the HXC 1501 SPLINE ONE becomes the high-end Hybrid MTB wheelset in the DT Swiss portfolio. The carbon rim is combined with a redesigned hub shell, offering better drive and brake moment resistance, which occurs from the bigger motors and the heavier eMTBs. With the new Ratchet EXP OS system with 30 teeth, the torque developed by the motor and the rider is transmitted directly from the pedals to the ground. This transfer is enabled through reinforced spokes for even sharper accelerations than the previous Hybrid range. Every component has been thought out, developed and tested to ensure a fun, stress-free ride at all levels.


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HUB TYPE: 240 with Ratchet EXP OS 30

RIM: Carbon, Hookless tubeless TSS


SPOKES: DT hybrid 2

WEIGHT: From 878g Front / 1020g Rear