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DT Swiss - PHR Washers

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Pro Head Rim (PHR) washers have a unique shape, specifically a hyperbolic paraboloid. With this shape, the load-bearing surface of the nipples on the rim is increased and stress concentrations at the rim holes are reduced. The shape of the PHR washer automatically aligns the specific DT Swiss Squorx (Pro Head) nipples, and together they act as a ball joint, further reducing the risk of spoke failure and rim cracking.

Please note that the PHR washers are specifically designed to fit DT Swiss rims (including the RR, GR, HX, EX, MX and XR Premium/non eyelet rims). Although the shape of the washer may be compatible with similar rim profiles, they are not recommended for use on other rims.

When installing the PHR washers, please ensure that the washers sit straight in the rim cavity. The two dots on the underside face of the washers will help to identify their orientation. You may need to use a torch to ensure the washers are correctly seated.

DT Swiss PHR washers are designed for use with DT Swiss Pro Head nipples, with a ball-shape head.