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Fabricated by tailored forging and heat treatment procedures has created an embossed double X-Bridge and optimal chamfering to provide smoother chain and tooth interaction and enhance shifting performance. The hollow plates reduce weight while the overall chain construction reduces rider effort and therefore improves riding distance 5% farther and drivetrain efficiency by 4% - go farther, faster!

The unique design of each component perfectly complements speed and efficiency through swift shifting and smooth running via chain and gear tooth interference. Energy consumption is reduced via significantly increased cohesion by 9% to effectively reach and maintain top speed with less effort of all chain components working together.


  • Extra Light
  • Triple X Durability
  • High Rigidity
  • Size: 1/2" X 11/128""
  • Colour: Neochrome
  • Pin Length: 5.65 mm
  • Weight per 110 links: 234 g
  • Length: 118 Links
  • Compatible with all 11-Speed derailleur systems
  • Perfect shifting thanks to Double X-Bridge
  • Slotted inner- and outer plates
  • Includes a MissingLink