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RockShox Maxle Stealth
RockkShox Maxle DH 20 BoXXer
RockShox Maxle Light 15 (32mm Chassis)
RockShox Maxle Light 20 (35/40 Chassis)
Rockshox Maxle Lite
RockShox Maxle Lite 15mm Black (Pike)
RockShox Maxle Ultimate Front
RockShox Maxle Ultimate Lever Assembly
Rockshox Maxle Ultimate Lever Assembly
RockShox Maxle Lite XC 15mm

Maxles Front

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Who knew we could make a thru axle disappear? The new Maxle Stealth offers a light, low profile alternative to Maxle Lite and Maxle Ultimate.

  • 34g lighter than Maxle Lite (Weight = 37g)
  • Easy installation with a 6mm Allen wrench|


Style Stealth
Lever Mechanism Tooled axle
Hub Over Locknut Daimeter 15x100, 15x110, 15x150
Axle length/Thread Length 15x 100(Road)  - (125/9mm) 15 x 100 - (148/9mm), 15 x 110 - (158/10mm), 15 x 150 - (198/10mm)
Orientation Front
Thread pitch M15x1.50
Color Black




Basic things like axles are often the easiest to overlook. Put one hand on the Maxle Ultimate, though, and you’ll be glad we paid serious attention to the finer details. Because one hand is all it takes to remove or install the Maxle Ultimate. And lever-placement personalization is accomplished completely without the use of tools. Available for both front and rear, Maxle Ultimate is the easiest-to-operate axle system in the world. No tools, no worries, so you can concentrate on the trail ahead.

  • Internal Cam system
  • High Clamping force


Style Ultimate
Lever Mechanism Internal Cam
Hub Over Locknut Daimeter 15x100
Axle length/Thread Length 15 x 100(148/9mm)
Orientation Front
Thread pitch M15 x 1.5
Color Black


MAXLE LITE FRONT 15mm & 20mm

The tool-free Maxle Lite brings exceptional stiffness and durability to your ride in the easiest-to-use through axle system on the market.

  • Tool free operation
  • 360 degrees head adjustment


Style Lite
Lever Mechanism Expanding Wedges
Hub Over Locknut Daimeter 15 x 100, 15 X 150. 20 x 110
Axle length/Thread Length 15 x 100(148mm), 15 x 110(L158mm), 15 X 150(Bluto Compatible), 20x 110(165/9mm - 32mm Chassis), 20 x 110(165/9mm - 35/40mm Chassis)
Orientation Front
Thread pitch M15 x 1.5, M20 x 2
Color Black



Designed for the downhill crowd, this tooled version of our Maxle Lite is light and stiff and has loads of clearance