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Aspen MaxxSpeed 23

Maxxis - 29" Aspen Team Spec

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Riders have asked, pleaded, and maybe even begged, and Maxxis has finally answered. Starting in time for the 2024/25 race season, Maxxis will offer a limited production run of the Aspen ST along with a 170 TPI casing version of the venerable Aspen. Until now, these tires were reserved only for our top race teams. The Aspen ST is an ultra-low-profile race tyre
designed primarily for short track XC use, although we have seen some of our athletes use the narrower 29x2.25 size on their gravel bikes as well. Sometimes referred to as the “Fastpen,” this tyre is sure to give any racer an edge in dry, grassy conditions. It is not recommended for more technical tracks or mixed weather conditions due to the limited tread profile.

The team-spec Aspens use the same tread pattern as the current production version, but with a lighter, faster and more supple 170 TPI casing. Two sizes will be offered: a 29x2.25 and 29x2.40 so riders can opt for the lowest weight possible or higher volume depending on the race conditions. All team-spec tyres feature our EXO sidewall protection and tubeless ready-casings. However, it is important to note that these tyres are intended first and foremost for racing in suitable conditions. The tradeoff for the weight savings and low rolling resistance of the 170 TPI casing is lower durability relative to our standard 120 TPI casing. Please keep this in mind when advising riders which product best fits their needs.