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Maxxis - 700c Re-Fuse Endurance

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The Re-Fuse has been a staple of the Maxxis road line for two decades, garnering a reputation for extreme durability and long tread life. As good as the original Re-Fuse was, there’s always room for improvement and that’s exactly what we’ve done with the new generation.

The Re-Fuse sports a new tread pattern and a new rubber compound along with improved puncture protection, creating a tire that is faster, lighter, and also more durable than before. It’s still the choice for endurance applications, but the revisions make for a sportier ride. Durable doesn’t have to be slow!

A slick center with micro knobs for cornering replaces the full diamond knurling of the outgoing Re-Fuse. The new tread pattern is paired with a new full-silica rubber compound that dramatically reduces rolling resistance while also improving grip in wet conditions, meaning that the Re-Fuse can be mounted up and ridden all year long.

• All-new tread pattern with slick center
• Full-silica, all-season rubber compound
• New MaxxShield puncture protection