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Praxis - Alloy HD E-Bike Cranks

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Great aluminium forged options that are compatible with many e-Bike motors such as Bosch, Yamaha, Brose, Fazua and versions for Specialized ISIS motors. 

  • Alloy e-Cranks 
  • Cold forged aluminium 
  • Heavy Duty "HD" ISIS set – 160/165mm 
  • New HD Heavy Duty version for aggressive MTN riders   
  • AL main crank bolt with self-extractor | M24 Bolt for ISIS eCranks 
  • 8mm Allen wrench for install/removal of cranks | 50Nm torque 
  • HD Weight 558 grams +/- 
  • Note: Rubber crank boot protectors not included with alloy eCranks  

All e-Bike motors have different width spindles, and this directly affects the Q factor when the crank is installed. These are the Q factors when you install this crank on these motors: 

  • Standard & HD: 170mm Q when installed on Giant/Yamaha motor 
  • Standard & HD: 180mm Q when installed on BOSCH motor 

Specialized "Levo/Kenevo" and "SL" cranks – Both sets are made specific for these bike/motors and have a 182mm Qfactor. **SPECIALIZED - Check your Specialized motor spindle type. Standard Levo/Kenevo/Como/Vado have an ISIS spindle. The "SL" Levo or Creo family use the M30/SL eCrank armsets.