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Southpaw Alloy
Southpaw Carbon
Southpaw Alloy I-Spec EV
Southpaw Alloy I-Spec II
Southpaw Alloy Matchmaker X

KS Southpaw Levers

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Funny how good things proliferate. Southpaw originated as the first under-bar remote for bikes using dedicated 1x systems and now we offer five versions to suit every taste and budget. Southpaw Plastic, Southpaw Alloy, Southpaw Carbon, Southpaw I-Spec II, Southpaw I-Spec EV, Southpaw Matchmaker X.

Please Note: KS-C4216 Southpaw Alloy will work with the cable from either direction now


  • Ergonomically shaped lever designed specifically for 1x setups
  • All new mounting perch options for 22.2, Matchmaker X, i-Spec II, i-Spec EV Interface
  • Compression molded carbon lever, forged and polished alloy lever options
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Understated graphics
  • Integrated barrel adjuster