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SRAM XO T-Type Chain Black

SRAM XO Eagle Transmission Flattop Chain

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With Eagle Transmission being the first of its kind, fully integrated and interdependent system, the X0 Eagle Transmission (T-Type) Flattop Chain is so much more than just a chain. Its unique flat top design makes it the strongest change chain we have ever made. With equal importance, it upgrades the look of any super machine. These details matter. It features a Dark Polar finish specific to X0, has been plated with electroless nickel, and comes with a PVD coating for unbelievable resistance to corrosion and wear. Fully approved for E-MTB use with solid pins.


  • Strongest SRAM chain ever. Specifically engineered for Eagle Transmission.
  • Flattop profile, unbelievable shifting performance, game-changing aesthetics.
  • Electroless Nickel plating for optimal corrosion and wear resistance with PVD coating.


Compat - Speed (CN) 12s T-Type
Chain length (links) 126 links
Color - Outer link Dark Polar
Color - Inner link Dark Polar
Chain connector PowerLock 12s T-Type BLK PVD
Inner link finish Chrome Hardened + PVD
Outer link finish Nickel+PVD
Pin variant Solid Pin
Pin treatment Chrome Hardened
Weight Based On Engineering Estimate of 114links.
Weight (g) 256