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TRP - EVO 12 Shifter

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Introducing the EVO 12 shifter, a cutting-edge innovation in cycling technology. Designed with improved ergonomics, it provides a comfortable and intuitive shifting experience. With its light lever action, shifting gears becomes effortless, allowing riders to focus on the trail ahead. The EVO 12 shfiter also features brake lever integration, making it compatible with MatchMaker™ mounting style, reducing clutter on the handlebars. Furthermore, its adjustable advance lever offers a wide range of customization to suit individual rider preferences. The clean cockpit routing ensures that the cable runs parallel to the handlebar, maintaining a sleek and tidy appearance. Additionally, the EVO 12 shifter is equipped with a shift mode switch, enabling riders to effortlessly switch between 5 upshifts in a sweep or opt for single upshifts for optimized track performance. Experience the future of cycling with the EVO 12 shifter, the perfect blend of innovation, convenience, and performance.

  • Improved Ergonomics- Light, crisp lever action for easy shifting
  • Brake Lever Integration- MatchMaker™ compatible mounting style
  • Adjustable Advance Lever- Wide Range of adjustment to meet rider preference
  • Clean Cockpit Routing- Cable runs parallel to handlebar for clean appearance
  • Shift Mode Switch- Switch between 5 upshifts in a sweep or a single upshift for track performance
  • Weight- 125g
  • Materials- Aluminum & Injection Modeled plastic
  • 40 degree adjust lever angle (-20 to +20)