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Vittoria Air-Liner Insert MTB

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Punctures are a fact of life, but the Air-Liner MTB keeps a mid-run flat from imposing an insurmountable time penalty, an auto-DNF, or a hike-a-bike to the transition. The Air-Liner’s high-density structure keeps your tire rideable for up to an hour after a flat – enough time to clear a stage or hustle back to the trailhead. Your ambitions don’t have to deflate just because your tire did.

The Air-Liner isn’t just an emergency flat solution – it also helps prevent punctures by preventing rim strikes. As it compresses, the polymer material ramps-up like a shock. Trail chatter is muted, root lattices are smoothed, and the big hits and square edges of rock gardens are cushioned. The Air-Liner’s cross-section keeps the tire’s contact surface fluid and flexible, but it also increases lateral stability by buttressing the sidewalls.

  • The Vittoria Air-Liner is a tire insert, designed for use in tubeless tires.
  • Air-Liner increases control, durability, performance, and protection of both tire and wheel.
  • Compatible with any wheel size up to 29”, any tubeless valve, and tire widths from 1.9-4.0”.
  • More grip, in both climbing and descent
  • Enhanced rim protection
  • Allows for lower tire pressures
  • Prevents bead burping effect
  • Absorbs high-frequence vibrations. Comfort increased.
  • Allows for tires with lighter casing
  • Ride home with dead flat.

The Air-Liner is a high-quality polymer insert, which replaces a portion of the air volume in the tire. This trait, combined with the shape, provides a tunable system that enhances your ride performances. The Air-Liner destroys the traditional compromise of stability vs. grip, and allows your tires to remain stable, grippy, and controlled, even at low pressures.The Air-Liner is designed using a round cross section, with channels on the top and bottom. The top channel provides room for the tunable air chamber that sits directly beneath the tire tread. Upon impact, the corner edges of the channel flex first, and progressively build to the thicker portion, as the tire is compressed. This allows the tread to remain flexible, which increases traction, without sacrificing impact resistance. The bottom channel allows for easy fine-tuning of the air chamber, and allows for full compatibility of all valve core styles. The round cross-section shape mimics the natural shape of the tire, and supports a greater contact area within the sidewalls of the tire casing. Side-to-side tire stability is increased, yet the tread remains soft and grippy. This improves cornering, climbing, and braking performance

• Protection: Both wheel and tire are protected by the Air-Liner insert. By cushioning impacts from within the tire, your expensive rim remains protected, while eliminating flats caused by rim-strike impacts.

• Control: The Air-Liner insert replaces air volume in the tire. The reduced air volume allows the tire to compress and rebound in a more controlled manner compared to standard tubeless systems.

• Performance: Side-to-side tire stability is increased, yet the tread remains soft and grippy. This improves cornering, climbing, and braking performance.

Durability: This highly durable polymer material has been tested to a projected life of 2000 hours under normal riding, or 1 full hour of run-flat downhill use under a typical rider.

The Air-Liner MTB is available in 3 sizes and is compatible with all makes and models of tires.

  • size S 35mm for tyres 1.9" - 2.25" - weight 90g*
  • size M 45mm for tyres 2.25" - 2.50" - weight 165g*
  • size L 50mm for tyres 2.5" - 2.7" - weight 200g*
  • size XL 55mm for tyres 2.7" - 4.0" - weight 234g*

* Stated weight is prior to trimming to your wheelsize requirement.

For best results use Vittoria Universal Sealer - Ammonia Free & Latex Free.