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Yakima SkyLine FX Legs (4 pack)
Yakima Skyline FX with JetStream Bars
Yakima SkyLine with JetStream Bars
Yakima SkyLine Landing Pad

Yakima SkyLine FX Legs and Kits

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Yakima SkyLine FX Legs and Kits

Roof Rack Legs for Vehicles with Fixed Roof Points

Roll your own way - SkyLine FX legs integrate JetStream FX bars and Landing Pad installation hardware to create a customisable, mega-versatile, super easy-to-use system that easily handles your unique personality and extensive range of gear.




  • Secure, easy-to-use leg specifically designed for cars without roof rails or gutters
  • Compatible with JetStream FX Bars (Flush)
  • Bar angle adjusts for better accessory attachment and aerodynamics
  • Complements your vehicle’s aerodynamic style
  • Once installed, the entire rack is easy to remove and reattach tool-free
  • Advanced leg architecture is sleek, strong and quiet
  • Durable and strong cast steel chassis
  • Made from durable ASA plastic for high wear and weather resistance
  • All components REACH and RoHS compliant
  • Easily locks with included Same Key System (SKS) locks
  • Locks are hidden for a more aesthetically pleasing look
  • Suits vehicle roof types with factory fixed points, tracks and custom installs



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