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Bikes on the Floor: June 2022 Edition

With recent mountain bike supply chain issues and shortages we are excited to announce that we currently have some very exciting bikes on the shop floor and bike frames hanging from the roof.  Bike brands currently represented include Santa Cruz, Julianna, Transition, Chromag and Mondraker.  As well as acoustic mountain bikes we even have several E-bikes on the floor.

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Ten reasons to get an e-mountain bike that don't include being old and unfit.

When electric mountain bikes first appeared on the market many dismissed them as being a gimmick only suitable for older, lazier or unfit riders.  The thinking at the time was that the average rider, the fit rider, and certainly riders under the age of 60 would never want to ride an e-mountain bike, because they were more expensive, heavier, and less agile to ride than normal mountain bikes.   This sentiment was echoed repeatedly by many customers who came into our shop, with the majority of them claiming they wouldn't get an electric mountain bike until "they were at least 60 years old". 

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Why doesn't my local bike shop have the exact bike or part I want? (and when will they have it!)

Have you been getting frustrated with your local and online bicycle stores being out of stock of that really cool Fox suspension fork you want, or that latest greatest dream bike with the dream build in the perfect color in your size? Cyclists all around the world are experiencing the same frustrations and no bike shop is immune to this problem.  Read on to learn a little more about what has caused this unprecedented situation, when it might end, and what bicycle shops are trying to do about it, and how you can best survive these shortages.

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Mixed Wheel Size (Mullet) Mountain Bikes- What's the big deal?

2021 has seen heaps of new mountain bikes being released with a 29er up front and 27.5 in the back.  Business up front: smash through rocks and roots, party at the back: carving corners and popping all over the trail.  Mullet mountain bikes have been on the horizon for the last year or two, with riders experimenting either running a 29er fork on a 27.5 bike or a 27.5 wheel in 29er frames. There's been pitfalls with these types of DIY mullet bikes, from compromising BB height, seat tube angle, and other aspects of the frame geometry.   Exciting Mullet Mountain Bikes coming.   Mountain bike brands have wisely met consumer demand for mullet bikes, by releasing a whole heap of...

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